Android Smart Watch Faces

I have created these watchfaces with ClockSkinMaker, designed for use with full Android watches like Finow X-series and No1 D-series.


This watchface is based on the beautiful Cronosurf Wave watch. The Cronosurf Android programs actually run very well on a X3, but can’t be installed as default clockskin. So I created a fun variation on this theme, called Xwave. It has some nice rotating seconds, and full working month/date and battery indicator.

You can grab it here:



Watch them droplets falling from them watchface.

Grab it from here:


Another version, black this time, of the Spotlight watchface. I’ve included a small battery level indicator on the hour hand, with ‘battery low’ text warning when below 10%. This is a full working version. In old CSM it will look as messy shown in Smartwatch Ticks. LOL at


Soldaat van Oranje

Ga met dit horloge in stijl naar de musical Soldaat van Oranje, met zijn roterende tribune en levensechte beeld- en geluidseffecten.


Based on Newton’s cradle and Big wheels turning, the result from a small ‘Out of the blue’ exercise on a rainy day and presented on this Blue Monday. It’s not perfect, but hey, neither is CSM; only the gods are.Happy Zen.



Played a little with the nice eccentric watchface from Tjalling Terpstra which resulted in this ExcenTrick Design.

The ExcenTrick Design:

Utrecht vanaf de Dom



Watch the painter going circles.

Think Big …Tic !

When I first saw the new X3 I was happy suprised how much it looked like my old Fossil Big Tic (model JR-7846) from 1999. A bit bigger, but no available Big Tic watchface. So I created one myself and here it is for download: The all new shiny Big Tic watchface, as a gift on Black Friday 2016.

This cybermonday I’ve experimented a little with the array_hour to create an oldschool nightlight version of the Big-Tic watch. The result is not very exciting, but at least the AMOLED watches will benefit from nightly hours (8PM-10AM), since it uses Amoled Battery Saver 🙂

Big-Tic Nighlight:
Big Tic regular: